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... das Elbflorenz ( = Florence on River Elbe)

Distance from Berlin: 2 hours
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GLS guide, train ticket: 34 €

Dresden has always been famous as one of the most sophisticated cities in Germany. Heavily bombed in World War II, Dresden burnt down in a fire storm.

Rebuilt by the communists in Eastern Germany, it lost some of its glamour, but even so: today it´s again a "must see" (online guide).


This is how the day will look like more or less:

09.45 am:

departure in Berlin

12.15 pm:

arrival in Dresden, lunch

01.30 pm:

city walk - as most attractions are close to each other, you´ll get to see  the famous Frauenkirche, several churches as well as the Semper Oper

02.00 pm:

Gemaeldegalerie, an art museum of international fame, where you can see famous German painters like Holbein or Cranach. If you don´t fancy art - the gallery has a beautiful cafe, with a fantastic view on the Dresden "skyline"

04.00 pm:

either shopping on your own or walking over to one of the most interesting museums in Europe: the Hygienie Museum: built in 1910 by the fabricant producing ODOL, it explores the human body and mind. There always is a permanent exhibition, but you can also see special shows - at the moment one about happiness

06.00 pm: 

train ride back to Berlin, arrival ca. at 08.30 pm