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Corsi di tedesco online

Online courses can´t substitute a German course that you take in Germany where you are surrounded by native speakers. But they can be a great supplement! GLS teachers researched FREE online courses and tested them for you. These are the ones that they recommend:


A perfect preparation for a real life course @ GLS in Berlin: the fantastic BBC  online German courses. We especially recommend the beginners course: you learn basic German in 12 weeks and get weekly encouragements by email. For free!

Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster (TV, radio, online content in 30 languages). Die Deutsche Welle, too, offers free German courses online.

Learn German online with a GLS teacher via Skype, MSN, Yahoo

You can book GLS German language teachers for individual online lessons - we suggest: come to Berlin first, get to know them and test them, then you know the teaching quality you will get. The prize is the same that you would pay for a one-to-one class here in Berlin: 40 € per lesson.

  • minimum booking: 10 lessons. Special price for 20 lessons: 680 €

The GLS German teacher will teach you the same way that he/she would if you were actually here in Berlin. All you need is a PC with camera, microphone and an instant messaging program like SKYPE, MSN Windows Live or YAHOO:

If you book the online German classes, please let us know the dates and time of day that you favour for your German online lessons. Please keep in mind possible time differences (see this world time zone map). We will contact you within max. 48 hours to fix a schedule for your online classes.